The company has been built on very strong experiences in :

- Strategy
- Business Process Management
- Business analysis
- IT Strategy and roadmap
- Program and Project management


Our multidisciplinary skills help us in addressing much better our Customer challenges. As one of the facing challenges is the alignment of Business and IT, we are providing peoples, Tools and methodologies that will help to achieve this alignment. Better and pure analyst, we provide the "real" Business Analyst havong the capability to address both worlds : Business and Information Technologies.

And even if we need skills for your project/program that we do not have, we are able to build for you the best team in order to achieve the facing challenges and find the required people with the needed skills.

Experience profiles
"Connective Business" Framework allow us to get the appropriation and support of all involved persons in the project
Return of experience with a pragmatic view on methods and Tools (Agile, Six Sigma, Lean and many more)
Software and Tools making more better building blocks including mobile technologies
Change Management and Business Process Management together make our approach much stronger


Smart ideas and also very smart people to work with.

Very experienced people proposing the best way to address your challenges.

Products and services designed to accompany customer experiences and align Business and IT.

We can help you to put in place a real professional "Business Analyst" team.


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