We are providing innovative ideas. Our capability of getting really smart ideas and help to leverage them in a very fast way has been proven by our customer experiences.



Being Connective is not given to every company. Knowing customer expectations and answering to them is hard work in our today's world and our ideas are a real.



Enterprise Architecture is a way allowing a better alignement between Business and IT. As we are expecting to better serve customers (internals and externals), Enterprise Architecture helps in building in a better way.



Smart ideas are ideas that help you in getting more efficient in several ways. Generally, the best ones are those which help to sustain a real roadmap of operational efficiency. This roadmap may be business, organization, information system or method oriented and should be as simple as possible to help a very good and smart change management. 

The most important is to find the right way to accompany the transformation. Our experiences help us in providing pragmatic consultancy on subject matter. 

The best ideas are also coming from operational people and we will coach your managers to lead workshops and to get all possible ideas and analyze them in order to find the more valuable ideas for the company. Also, what we seek is to find some "testable" ideas and make real trials of them in order to facilitate their deplyoment and their adoption from customers and employees. 


Our methods and tools helps in doing that in a better way and allow to find scopes with which we could run a trial to verify the completeness. 

As Enterprise Architects have the responsability to build the future enterprise capabilities, we promote new fashion of building an alignement of Business and IT. Coming from "both" worlds, our advisors help you in finding the best suitable roadmap in order to address your Business Challenges. 

We help also our customer to build their business case and to find where ROI can take place.

Everything is possible !

Any idea is considered as a good idea and must be investigated.

Connective approach

Using our "connective attitude" means building faster, stronger and sustaining growth.

Experienced people

Because experienced people means richness, we provide smart teams empowered by strong experienced managers.


Neovision Group, whose headquarters are located in Wilmington, Delaware (USA), offers business tools and services that help companies in the implementation of a process approach and / or change management. Our experience in project management process since the 1990s due to NeoVision a leader in the implementation of a management by process.
In the current economic environment, many businesses need to transform basic business processes in process collaborative "that allow better interaction internally but also externally the company and to provide a visible competitive advantage. Software, process and services NeoVision are catalysts for moving forward and especially towards real collaborative dimension.


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