The Complete Guide To Business Process Management

Jean-Noël GILLOT

ISBN : 978-2-9528-2662-4

Jean-Noël GILLOT has written a book on Business Process Management called : "The Complete 
Guide To Business Process Management"

This book offer a complete 360° view of what is the BPM, what are the available methodologies 
and which technologies could help in setting up a complete approach.

The strong competitiveness imposed by the markets obliges the companies to be more efficient 
so that the majority of them are seeking to optimize their operations for: - being more customers 
oriented - produce more value at equivalent cost or even less. Business Process management 
brings answers necessary to the improvement of the efficiency of the company. CMMI, Six Sigma, 
Lean… all the methods are good to become a competitive company, but time and means are 

Formalize, model and analyze make it possible to identify all the tracks of improvements to make 
the business processes more effective.

A rich book of almost 150 diagrams to make the comprehension of the BPM easier to all kind of 
readers. Which techniques to improve the business processes? Why the BPM and the SOA are 
complementary? Are the BAM and BSM tools a means of carrying out a good operational piloting?

A genuine guide to Business Process Management, from the definition to the choice of the tools to
accompany your Business Process Tranformation program